#Not1More Deportation

Lourdes, Illinois Mother of 4, Gets to Stay with Her Children

Lourdes had been told she needed to leave the country by May 30th, but she could not leave her children behind. But after a lot of work and community support, she was granted the possibility of staying, at least one more year, with her children. This is the message she sent to her supporters:

My family felt so much joy when I gave them the news that my deportation was stopped. We were crying of happiness and because we would no longer be separated.

I thought I would be deported before the ned of may, and this week I got news that I will be able to stay with my family at least for one more year. Thank you for your support. 

There are two other people in detention in Illinois, who still need your support. Please sign in support of Octavio, a father with no criminal record in detention after a traffic stop, and Jorge who is in deportation proceedings after a speeding ticket

Now I know that it is possible and very important to know how to help others and ourselves. We must do something and give back because it’s not only me, there are thousands of people in the same situation or worse. Now that I get to stay, I know I am going to continue to help.

Thank you, 

Lourdes & the Undocumented Illinois team