#Not1More Deportation

Jenny’s Husband Was Deported, Please Support her Baby Shower Fundraiser

Jenny is a 24 year old soon-to-be mother from the Dominican Republic, currently 39 weeks pregnant with her first child. Two months ago, her life partner, Joan, was detained by ICE after being picked up by Boston police for driving without a license. A few weeks later, Jenny launched a community campaign to Bring Joan Home, so that he could be there to support her through her pregnancy and in raising their new daughter.

After a month of hard work, including petitions, letter-gathering, and legal strategizing, ICE informed us that Joan’s stay of deportation request was denied. A few days later, on August 6th, he was deported back to the Dominican Republic.

Donate to Jenny’s baby shower fund here. 

As a community, we were very disappointed by ICE’s decision. Since Joan had overstayed a voluntary departure order and had a drug charge (no conviction) on his record, ICE saw him as a criminal and wanted him deported. But we knew Joan for what he was: a dedicated partner, a soon-to-be father of a U.S. citizen daughter, a hard working electrician and contributing member of his community, and an immigrant who had made the sacrifices he saw as necessary to provide a future for his family.

Meanwhile, Jenny has been struggling both emotionally and financially in Joan’s absence. She has no family in the United States and a very limited network of friends. She is not currently working, has no other income, and only limited savings. Anyone who knows Jenny can tell she is a hardworking, intelligent, and incredibly brave woman, but right now she’s going through a difficult time and needs some extra help. That’s why we at MataHari decided to launch a fundraising drive to raise money to support Jenny and her new baby! The money raised will go to help buy diapers, large baby items, and other things Jenny and baby Jesly might need. Please donate today!