#Not1More Deportation

Israel, Day Laborer detained in Chicago raid gets 3 months to fight his deportation

Latino Union

Yesterday at his ICE check-in, Israel Lopez Bautista was told that he had 3 months to be with his family, and that he should return in January with a plane ticket to leave the country.

But Israel is not giving up. Please send ICE an e-mail to the Chicago Field Office telling them that Israel should not get deported.

Last June, Israel was looking for work at the oldest Chicago day laborer corner, on Foster and Pulaski. Suddenly, 2 immigration agents approached the group of workers and asked for their IDs. When Israel showed the agents his consulate ID card, they took him into detention.

We are outraged that an immigration raid like this could take place in Chicago, and that it has the potential of resulting in a deportation of one of our community members. Over the next few months we will be working to mobilize the community and request that ICE close his case, and to make ICE accountable for their actions in our neighborhoods. 

Thank you for your continuing support, and don’t forget to send an e-mail to ICE asking them to close Israel’s case.