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Phoenix Shut Down
On Friday, protestors locked themselves to the wheels of buses carrying detainees destined for Operation Streamline, a federal court they cite as the worst example of the criminalization of immigrants. As a result of the protest, it's reported that those on the bus were immediately repatriated instead of facing felony convictions and months in private prisons before being deported. After two days of conferencing over the weekend, the Day of Action to Shut Down ICE began with six people, including Sandy Estrada who's brother has been in detention for nearly a year, chaining themselves together on the entry road to the notorious privately-run Eloy Detention Center. After bringing attention to the facility and disrupting its activities, protestors unchained and joined several hundred in Phoenix for a march and protest determined to prevent any deportations from being processed through the building today. Read more

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Just now, protestors chained themselves in front of the Eloy Detention Center. Their action calls on the President to stop deportations and the criminalization of immigrants. Through civil disobedience they say they’re exposing the inhumane imprisonment at the center of current immigration policy and the needless warehousing of the undocumented who could benefit from reform.

Many of those inside Eloy have committed no major offense and instead are victims of Congress’ 34,000 minimum detention bed mandate and the profiling of Sheriffs like Arpaio and Border Patrol required to fulfill the arbitrary quota. Read more