#Not1More Deportation

Take Action to Support Chicago Deportees, Stop Deportations

Right now 12 undocumented Chicagoans and supporters have locked themselves to the wheels of a deportation bus headed to O’Hare airport.


Included in that bus are Octavio, a father who was placed in deportation proceedings after being stopped for a minor traffic violation, and Brigido, father of 2 US citizen daughters. Both of their families are watching to see whether the bus will turn around, or take their loved ones away.

Make a call to immigration to ask why they are breaking families apart:

Call ICE Director John Sandweg at (202) 732-3000

Suggested script: “I am calling to ask you to take immediate action use prosecutorial discretion to close the deportation case of Octavio Nava Cabrera (A 075785334). Octavio is the father, son and brother of US citizens, hard-worker, main provider of his family. He is an asset to his community, and is on the bus right now headed to the airport. Please take action to stop his deportation”

You can also sign his petition here:

Listen to Octavio’s call from detention: