#Not1More Deportation

Ask Vice President Biden and Cecilia Muñoz Your Questions About Immigration Reform

On Wednesday, December 11th, Vice President Biden and Cecilia Muñoz, the President’s Domestic Policy Advisor, are sitting down to answer your questions about immigration reform. During the conversation hosted by Bing and Skype, the Vice President and Cecilia will speak with folks from around the country via live Skype Video Call, answer questions submitted through Skype Video and from social media.

You can ask a question by Skype Video Message now or share one of the questions below.

Join the conversation on Twitter with #AskTheWhiteHouse, and tune in live on Wednesday, December 11th at 3:45 p.m. ET at Bing.com/WhiteHouse and WhiteHouse.gov/live.

To make sure its a real conversation, Erika Andiola and Ju Hong submitted the questions below. Take a look and let’s make sure they get answers.

Erika Andiola: What will you do for my mom and all of our parents?

Ju Hong: You said you don’t have the power to stop deportations. Please explain your legal basis for your position. Ju Hong: What is the legal basis for your position