#Not1More Deportation

My Dad’s Case is Closed!

This Monday, after 2 years of fighting to stop the deportation of Miguel Andrade, my dad, I took a deep breath and smiled. At 10:00 am we walked into the court room, and by 10:02 immigration had ruled to close my dad’s case.

Minutes are important. Each minute it took people like you to sign my dad’s petition, meant another ‘yes’ to keep my family together.

It was your support that made this success possible, and my dad, me and the rest of our family would like to thank you from the bottom our hearts. 

Just like my dad, there are other people who need one more minute from you. Lets continue to keep famlies together! Please sign a petition saying “Yes!” keep another family:

Anibal Flores, a father of a 6-month old US citizen, who is fighting to stay with his family. Anibal has no criminal record, and was put in deportation after immigration agents raided his Chicago home while looking for someone else. Find out more information and sign his petition here.

The minute that it takes you to sign the petition, could mean the difference between Anibal staying with his family, or being deported. Thank you for lending us your time

Hareth Andrade