#Not1More Deportation

Tacoma Detention Hunger Strike Reaches 10th Day, Relatives of those inside report at least 10 more are also in hunger strike

Tacoma, WA – Today the hunger strike reaches its 10th day, immigrant detainees Ramon Mendoza Pascual, Miguel Angel Farias Sanchez and Jesus Gomes continue to demand better treatment at the privately run Tacoma Detention Center by GEO Group.  The three have been placed in isolation under medical watch. “He has lost at least 20 pounds, but remains strong in sprit and told me he won’t give up until ICE meets their demands of justice and treatment with dignity” said his wife Veronica Noriega. The three expressed they will continue until the demands are met regardless of threats of force feeding. ACLU WA has been already at the facility to represent the three and stop ICE from acquiring an order to force feed them.

Supporters of the strikers have had daily presence outside the privately run detention center, managed by corporate giant GEO Group. Yesterday supporters talked to at least 10 families that came to visit their loved one imprisoned in the facility, families came from places as far as Yakima, Ellensburg and Mt Vernon and one of the families came all the way from California. They all confirmed not only that their loved ones are still in hunger strike, stopped due to retaliation by ICE and GEO Group and started again after learning of the worldwide outrage that provoked their strike, or are ready to begin the hunger strike again.

“Families shared with us their pain, not only by being separated of their loved ones, but also by seeing them treated as if they had no rights. One mother told me she felt like her son was stolen from her and now GEO and ICE is selling him back to her by placing an outrageous bond amount she cannot afford. We will remain here every day until ICE meets their demands and actions will continue until Obama stop deportations and breaking families apart” said Maru Mora of Latino Advocacy and part of the Not 1More deportation campaign.