#Not1More Deportation

Families Holding Vigil Outside Joe Corley Detention Center; News of Hunger Strike Inside Brings Out Families and Allies

HOUSTON, Texas— Families of detained men who have started a hunger strike at Joe Corley announced plans this afternoon to begin holding vigil outside the private prison in Conroe, Texas.

The vigil will be across the street from the facility on 500 Hilbig Rd.
Detainees say that the treatment they receive is a result of the profit-seeking element that has inserted itself into the detention system. An attorney who confirmed the strike this morning after visiting the Conroe, TX facility, communicated the hunger strikers demands to be:
  • Stop the deportations
  • Just treatment for detainees
  • End overcrowding in the cells
  • End double judgement for old cases
  • Food with nutrition in it
  • Better medical care
  • Lower calling prices
  • Lower rates at commissary

and said the detainees wanted it known that they were inspired by the on-going Washington State efforts.

Read two letter from the hunger strikers here: Letter 1Letter 2.

An eight-page handwritten letter from the Washington State hunger strikers explaining their demands is available upon request. The letter states, in part, “[W]e join ourselves to that effort and demand that the Federal Executive (Mr. President Barack Obama) use his presidential authority and order a total stop to the unjust deportations that are separating families, destroying homes, and bringing uncertainty, insecurity and unhappy futures to our children, our loved ones.”