#Not1More Deportation

Celio was released

This morning, Cecilio was supposed to be on a plane to Mexico. Instead, he’s on his way back to Aurora, Illinois to be reunited with his wife and two children. Those who supported Cecilio made this happen. In just one week, over of 1,700 people came together to send a clear message to ICE that Cecilio should not be deported. Thank you.

The journey to victory was not easy. Eight years ago, Cecilio was detained by ICE at his home, as agents alleged that they were looking for someone else. On his record, they indicated that he was gang-affiliated without any evidence as retaliation for excercising his right to remain silent. Our work forced ICE to clear his record of any gang-affiliation. Without this on his record, there is no reason why his DACA application should be denied. After being released, the first thing Cecilio did was to get his passport photos in order to file his work permit. 

While Cecilio is now out of the clear, we continue to fight to stop deportations. Next week, hundreds of immigrant rights advocates in Chicago will be walking from the Chicago ICE Field Office to the Broadview Detention Center. Join us in continuing to keep ICE accountable and demand a stop to deportations. 

Thank you,

Rigo Padilla
Immigrant Youth Justice League