#Not1More Deportation

Philadelphia Hunger Strike Leader and Father Released From Detention

We are happy to announce that, after 144 days in detention, Israel is home! Thank you for your signatures, calls and all the support for Israel and his family.

Israel Resendiz-Hernandez, a community leader and business owner in Norristown and father of two was detained in late January of this year.

While he was in detention Israel led a 19 day hunger strike in York County Detention Center to bring attention to unjust detention cases; his wife, Pilar Molina, was arrested in front of the White House urging the President to end deportations; the community rallied and organized to bring attention to his and to pressure ICE and local politicians for his release. It was the united efforts of all of you that led him home.

Israel coming home shows how unnecessary their detention and separation from their family is and a signal for how many more people should be released and returned to the people who love them. We must make a commitment to continue to fight until all of our families are reunited and we end the suffering created by the destructive detention and deportation machine.

We applaud the Resendiz-Molina family for their courage, for having faith and for always leading with love. You are an example to many more families across the nation and are showing the world that fighting for our communities is not in vain; this is how we win.

Thank you,

Jasmine Rivera

P.S. Read more about his release from the Philadelphia inquirer.