#Not1More Deportation

Mr. President, No More Meetings About Us Without Us

Livestream starting Monday around 10:00am

This afternoon, undocumented people will ask the President and allies for something that shouldn’t be controversial: a seat at the table.

Courageous actions by immigrants forged a moral consensus that the President can and should act to reduce deportations. The scope and timing of that action are all that remain in doubt, and it is quite clear that those who can be best persuade the President to do the right thing are those who are experts in the injustice of the status quo.

Equality demands that people have a voice in policy discussions affecting their lives. Today, those who have been asked by the President to “manage expectations” of the community will be asked to affirm this basic principle.

Before we get to the White House, a group will be visiting advocacy organizations to ask them to agree not to attend any more meetings with the President unless and until undocumented immigrants have a seat at the table.

Few of us may be accustomed to working on issues actually driven by genuine social movements, but that is what the past decade has produced, and now our practice must demonstrate those values. In these uncertain times, we have to both defend and advance hard fought civil rights gains and model the inclusion we are fighting for in the means we use to achieve it.

The immigrant rights movement is evolving. And for us to win, we have to quickly evolve with it.

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