#Not1More Deportation

White House Advisory Cecilia Muñoz Defends Detaining Children, Attacks #Not1More

In response to Muñoz’ speech, Marisa Franco of #Not1More said, “Muñoz has no business discussing working theories of change when her primary role has been to defend the indefensible at the White house. When elected, President Obama said that we’d need to push him to make change then deployed surrogates like Muñoz to cover over the jailing of children, on-going abuse of LGBTQ people in detention, and the most deportations in the history of this country. ‘Not one more’ is both a rallying cry and a policy demand. The White House’s job to make immigration policy more humane is far from complete and we will continue to push this administration. Instead of targeting efforts for justice like Not1More, Muñoz should’ve taken this opportunity to announce an end to immigrant detention. Immigrants across the country are doing everything in their power to move immigration policy forward, its time the White House did the same.”

The Not1More Blue Ribbon Commission offered a 14 point platform for the Administration to improve immigration policy. (Available here)

During the speech, lawyers from AILA stood up with signs saying “shame” and “end family detention.”

Video originally posted at Latin Times