#Not1More Deportation

#Not1More Reaction to 5th Circuit Delay of Deferred Action

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No One Can Wait for a Court Ruling or Candidate Promises When the President Still Can Act on Immigration
The President Must Do More NOW and the Candidates Should Say So
In response to the news that the New Orleans federal appeals court upheld the injunction blocking President Obama’s deferred action expansion, the #Not1More campaign reacted with urgency for action.

Marisa Franco, director of the #Not1More campaign explained, “We expect the President to do more than appeal the decision and wait for the court. President Obama’s legacy is being determined as we speak not by a far off court ruling. The President, every local official, and the candidates running to be his successor have the responsibility to act now to concretely affirm the right and dignity of migrants and to dismantle the massive criminalization and deportation system that’s been built under this administration.”  Citing cases like that of Manuel Roman who is scheduled to be deported this week, Franco highlighted ICE’s operations post executive action. “Instead of providing relief for our communities, the President’s announcement created a climate of immunity for ICE to disregard its own policies as it expands to unprecedented levels. The President doesn’t need the courts to reverse the criminalization of migrants that he championed or to dismantle the dragnet he built. We need the President to take action that will bring real relief to immigrant families and communities.”Leading up to the President’s announcement one year ago, undocumented leaders formed the #Not1More Blue Ribbon Commission and issued fourteen recommendations for policy points the executive branch could enact.

Next week migrant rights groups will observe the anniversary of the executive action that announced the halted deferred action as well as new deportation programs with protests and rallies challenging the continued enforcement, deportation, criminalization, and exclusion of immigrant communities. For more information on the week of action visit: http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/november-20/