#Not1More Deportation

New Jersey Condemns Court Decision, Demands Stop to Deportations

Contact: Catalina Adorno New Jersey Youth for Immigrant Liberation

catadorno@gmail.com 201-598-4448

Jorge Torres Unidad Latina en Accion NJ ulaccionnj@gmail.com 203-278-2729


ICE FREE NJ: Immigrant Rights Groups Condemn Decision to Block DAPA

New Jersey has the 4th largest increase immigrant population size in the country, home to 525,000 undocumented residents. The 5th Circuit Court’s decision affects countless families that would have benefited from DAPA and the extended DACA.We are outraged at this decision and will take this as an opportunity to continue mobilizing against ICE, and against any law that prohibits immigrant families from living a decent life.

“These courts kept stalling an executive action that would have provided immigrant families relief from deportation and a work permit to work in the united states. Everyday they delay this decision is another day an undocumented worker is exploited.” said Li Adorno, from American Friends Service Committee, Newark NJ

“ICE is continuing deporting our families and DAPA is not moving forward. Our community is sick and tired of these political game. We demand to Stop Deportation Immediately” Jorge Torres Unidad Latina en Accion Hightstown NJ

“We can no longer rely on laws and policies to protect the most vulnerable, who live in a life of fear as they face anti-immigrant rhetoric and actions.” Courtney Perales Dream Team. Princeton NJ

“We are saddened but not surprised by the latest court decision. We must move ahead strong & united. We are confident of Victory! Rita Dentino Casa Freehold NJ.

“As Filipino youth and students, we are disappointed by the federal appeals court’s decision to uphold the block on DAPA and DACA and condemn the lawsuit as a direct attack on the welfare and livelihood of our families and communities. Our community is one of the largest undocumented Asian populations in the United States with every one out of six Filipinos being undocumented.” Nina Macapinlac, Anakbayan. Jersey City NJ

“We can’t longer sit and wait, we demand the U.S. Justice Department to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court ASAP! We need DAPA & expanded DACA now!” Rosa Santana First Friends  Elizabeth NJ.

“The Fifth Circuit’s ruling to uphold the block on DAPA  is disappointing as it continues to allow the separation and inhumane treatment of our migrant families who live in fear and are vulnerable to exploitation. We fully support President Obama’s administration appeal to the Supreme Court for a fairer and favorable ruling for our immigrant community.” Migrant Center at the Church of St. Francis. Stephanie Bello, Passaic, NJ

“It is time that we as citizens of the United States acknowledge our decades upon decades of policies of militarization to protect the interests of multi-national corporations over the principles of democratic self-rule and human rights in Mexico and the Global South. When it is our prioritizing of profit over people and our promotion of the false narrative of national security which leads to the economic and political destabilization, environmental degradation and violence which forces people to migrate, it is also our duty and responsibility, as Catholics , Christians and people of faith, to allow, and to assist them, to find refuge among us that recognizes their basic human dignity.” Kathy O’Leary coordinator, New Jersey Region of Pax Christi