#Not1More Deportation

“It Seems This Place is Like Guantanamo” – Detainees Protest Forced Feeding Order

7 detainees from the #freedomgiving hunger strikes are still continuing on Day 21 of their hunger strike at Krome Detention Center in Miami, Florida. Yesterday they were summoned to court, where they appeared in wheelchairs and the judge issued forced feeding orders for all of them despite their protestations.

The hunger strikers also raised complaint about the prison and ICE officials having limited their phone access to the outside world of their family, friends, media, and even attorneys. The judge instructed that the detainees be allowed regular phone access. The judge also reminded that detainees should be allowed access and phone calls to the media.

“We came here to escape violence and danger in our country. But it seems like this place is like Guantanamo. ICE would rather force feed hunger strikers than listen to our basic demands for freedom,” said Mahmudul Hasan.

Among the calls out are reports that one of the Krome hunger strikers had a  stroke yesterday and was rushed to the hospital.
Meanwhile, detainees at Theo Lacy who had suspended their hunger strike on December 6th after agreement with ICE officials for their release or parole within two weeks have still not been released. Instead, ICE attempted to deport Ashraf Hossain of the Theo Lacy hunger strikers last week.

Last week, advocates  met with senior officials from the DHS to push them to intervene to review the cases of the hunger strikers and see to their release instead of deportation.
“The detainees have told us they rather die in the US then be deported to their death where they came from,” explains Fahd Ahmed, director of DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving. “It has been heartbreaking to watch ICE respond to asylum-seekers cry for help with torture tactics and disregard. The detainees are exposing not just a crisis in the US immigration system but an outright violation of human rights and international standards in ICE custody.”