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Dem Officials Response to Raids Raises Grave Concerns

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If Administration is Blind to Raids, Who is Watching ICE?
Latest Denial Exacerbates Problem of Unconstrained Abuse within Immigration Enforcement
January 29, 2016
Responding to Democratic Officials statement on raids reported last night, Tania Unzueta, Policy Director for the #Not1More Campaign explained, “The Administration’s denial of raids is the latest in its Orwellian approach to its immigration policy. When ICE agents push their way into your home and takes your relatives away to a detention center, that’s a raid. Democrats cannot hide the terror the Administration is causing behind semantics or further attempts to stigmatize our community. In fact, what’s been exposed since the new year is that ICE’s activities are far more frequent and far-reaching than many people had thought.”

After broadcasting fear in immigrant communities just before Christmas last year, the Administration began the new year by expanding its daily enforcement activity to include raids in Georgia, North Carolina and Texas targeting mothers and children who fled violence in Central America and are seeking asylum and safety in the US.
Despite being denied legal access, at least a dozen of those rounded up were able to advance their cases and have their removal temporarily halted disproving claims that each had a final order.  A report released yesterday by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) and the Southern Policy Law Center even documents mothers who had upcoming court dates being taken by ICE in its raids.
Adelina Nicholls, executive director of GLAHR responded, “We urge the Administration to investigate the ICE office here to uncover and stop its abuses. It’s not a coincidence that the raids centered on Georgia where ICE agents are well practiced at busting into our homes and judges set records for denying our cases.”
“What is the recourse people have for immigration authorities’ blatant disregard for constitutional and civil rights if officials are more determined to defend their image than their constituents?” asks Marisa Franco, #Not1More campaign director. “ICE officials have proven that they will not police themselves. As  the overseer of the largest police force in the country, it’s alarming to hear the Administration pretend its operations don’t even exist.  The President has consistently been the Deporter-in-Denial when it comes to his policy. Before anything else can go wrong, he should be telling his agents to stand-down and launch a full review of their activities.”
In the wake of the raids, multiple cases of ICE abuse and broadened activity have come to light as heightened awareness amongst migrant community members and reports of ICE now targeting Central American teens has led to increased documentation and reporting including:
 The cases and Democratic response raises further concerns regarding an agency already seen as out-of-control.