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  1. Democracy Now: Civil Disobedience is Survival

    Sign the petition and read more about Ireri’s case here.

  2. New Orleans Civil Disobedience for the “Right to Remain” and an end to deportations [Video]

    18 immigrant workers and four community leaders, members of the New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice, sat-in at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in New Orleans, demanding an end to a harsh new program of community raids by ICE that are tearing families apart and terrorizing the immigrant workers who helped rebuild New Orleans.

  3. ICE Attempts to Punish, Disappear Civil Rights Leaders in Detention Prompt Briefing With White House Hunger Strikers to Expose Conditions, Urge Negotiation Not Retaliation for Detainees’ Whistle Blowing

    What: Press Conference preceding Congressional Briefing When: 1:10pm Friday, April 18th, 2014 Where: Rayburn 2103, Read more

  4. Breaking: Cali Youth Tell Sheriff Mims to Cut Off ICE

    A rally against deportations in Fresno has turned into a civil disobedience with 6 people locking themselves on top of ladders blocking the transportation of immigrants to a nearby detention center. Just before Christmas, 100 immigrant youth and their families are shutting down Fresno’s County Jail, demanding Sheriff Mims to immediately cease all collaboration with ICE. “The Central Valley is home to thousands of immigrant families, documented and undocumented like mine, and today we demand to stop the deportations of all undocumented people now,” shared Brisa Cruz, a participant of the action. Another participant, Luis Ojeda states, “Sheriff Mim’s collaboration with ICE breaks apart our families and uses county funds to needlessly put them behind bars. We demand she recognize that our families belong together. It’s police and ICE that should be separated.”

  5. Teenage Girl Takes Street to Ask Gutierrez to Be Champion for Father in Sanctuary, Call for Moratorium on Deportations

    All activists arrested #Not1More @OCAD_CHI @CRLN_LA @icirr @CommsUnited @AAAJ_Chicago pic.twitter.com/SC60rESboo — Ervin Solidarity (@fairtrade_Ervin) June Read more

  6. BREAKING: Hartford Protest is 2nd Today to Block ICE, Demand Moratorium

  7. BREAKING: Chicagoans Halt Loop Traffic with “Defund Police, Dismantle ICE” Blockade

    As Immigration Authorities Raid Communities Nationwide, Chicago Says #Not1More       February 16, 2016 Read more

  8. One Year Later, Our Undocumented Lives Continue and So Does Our Fight

    Para Español As we recognize the anniversary of November 20th, I remember that night one Read more

  9. #Not1More Announces Week of Action on Anniversary of President’s Executive Action

    “What We’ve Seen Since the President Announcement isn’t Relief. We’ve seen ICE doing whatever it Read more

  10. Breaking: Trans & Cis Women Shut Down Traffic in Seattle Over Quota to Fill Detention Center

    Seattle, WA- “Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp (TWAC)” in solidarity with NWDC Resistance and the Read more

  11. BREAKING: Undocumented Reconstruction Workers Block Roads at ICE During DAPA Hearing

    While Deferred Action is Delayed, ICE Continues its Raids. New Orleans Workers Take the Streets Read more

  12. Important News about #Not1More

    With the President’s November 20th, 2014 announcement, two things are clear: courageous community organizing works and a brutal Read more

  13. Migrant Rights Fight Songs: Playlist To Keep Pushing

    After the President announced the expansion of deferred action and revisions to immigration enforcement practices, there were lots of questions about who would be included and who wouldn’t and what would happen to those left out. One thing was clear: The fight for migrant rights continues.

  14. Democracy Now: The Fight for Executive Action

    Mother and daughter, Rosi and Ireri, were last interviewed on Democracy Now in 2012 being Read more

  15. Man jailed for deportation returns to Norristown family

    By Michael Matza, Inquirer Staff Writer POSTED: June 21, 2014 on the Philadelphia Inquirer Website Arrested Read more

  16. BREAKING: New England Shuts Down ICE at Boston Detention Center

    Protestors Shut Down Entrance to Suffolk Detention Center, Call on President Obama to Stop Deportations Boston, Read more

  17. Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Deportation Review

  18. Tacoma Detention Center Hunger Strike Reaches 5th Day, Support Growing Worldwide

    Heartened by Rally Outside, Detainees Continue Strike for Better Treatment Now on the fifth day Read more

  19. White House Arrests Faith Leaders, Families Announcing Hunger Strike to Release Loved Ones in Detention

    February 17, 2014 – Washington, DC: On Presidents Day, some two dozen religious leaders, immigrants and supporters are being arrested while praying in front of the White House. They gather to protest an inhumane deportation policy that could become President Obama’s historical legacy. The Obama Administration is about to reach an unprecedented 2 million deportations under its immigration quota programs. The action includes Pilar Molina whose husband is on hunger strike at a detention center in Norristown, Pennsylvania and Hermina Gallegos from Phoenix, Arizona where families and detainees are refusing to eat until their loved ones are released from extended detention.

  20. President Obama, You Are Invited to Visit Arizona’s Operation Streamline at the Federal Courthouse

    To: President Barack Obama To: First Lady Michelle Obama To: Honorable Attorney General Eric Holder We are writing to you regarding an urgent situation taking place in Tucson, Arizona. Every weekday, Monday through Friday at 1:30 PM Operation Streamline takes place at the Federal Court House. Every day, 70 or so Mexican and Central American men and women are processed, charged, convicted, sentenced and sent to a private for-profit prison, before finally being deported. We invite you and members of your administration to step inside this operation.

  21. New Report: The Criminal Alien Removal Initiative In New Orleans

    A new report, "The Criminal Alien Removal Initiative in New Orleans" [Read in full here] reveals the devastating effects an Obama Administration pilot program resulting in race-based immigration raids in Latino communities throughout New Orleans. According to a press release by the New Orleans Center for Racial Justice, which published the report, "The little-known Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program, called the Criminal Alien Removal Initiative (CARI), involves indiscriminate community raids by ICE squads at apartment complexes, grocery stores, laundromats, Bible study groups, and other public places frequented by Latinos—based purely on racial profiling." The report documents the stories of people who have been placed in immigration detention and deportation as a consequence of this program, and how the New Orleans

  22. Breaking: New Jersey Action Shutting Down Obama’s Deportation Quota

    During the week that Congress will close for 2013 without having passed an immigration reform bill, a group of Jersey residents locked themselves together in the street that serves as an entrance to the Elizabeth Detention Center (625 Evans St.) to protest the President's deportation arbitrary quota policy and call on him to stop removals and expand deferred action instead. "We can't let more families to be separated. We can't wait for Congress. After what I saw my family go through I want to help other families that are in the same situation," explains Rosa Santana, who migrated to the US after Hurricane Mitch hit her home country of Honduras and who's aunt and uncle were deported.

  23. Undocumented Youth Ask President for Answers After Interrupting His Speech

    API Undocumented Immigrants Respond to Obama's Speech on Immigration Reform: You can stop deportations now San Francisco - Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education (ASPIRE), the nation's first undocumented Asian immigrant organization, asked President Obama today at his speech on immigration reform in San Francisco's Chinatown to stop deportations.

  24. BREAKING: CA Immigrant Youth Lockdown at Adelanto Detention Center

    Three young women who belong to the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition, an affiliate of the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, have locked themselves to the gates of the Adelanto detention center to protest unjust deportations and the inhumane treatment of inmates inside.

  25. BREAKING: Georgians Blockade Atlanta ICE Office

    More than a dozen undocumented Georgians and supporters have locked themselves to the gates of the downtown Atlanta ICE office as part of the national campaign demanding the President stop deportations and expand deferred action for all.

  26. New Orleans Congress of Day Laborers Sitting In at ICE RIGHT NOW

    18 immigrant workers and four community leaders, members of the New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice, sat-in at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in New Orleans, demanding an end to a harsh new program of community raids by ICE that are tearing families apart and terrorizing the immigrant workers who helped rebuild New Orleans.

  27. New Orleans Congress of Day Laborers Sitting in at ICE Right Now

    18 immigrant workers and four community leaders, members of the New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice, sat-in at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in New Orleans, demanding an end to a harsh new program of community raids by ICE that are tearing families apart and terrorizing the immigrant workers who helped rebuild New Orleans.

  28. Stop Deporting Immigrant Workers – Sarita Gupta

    While nearly everything in the federal government has come to a grinding halt, the Administration Read more

  29. BREAKING: Protestors Chain Together in Entrance to Eloy Detention Center

    Just now, protestors chained themselves in front of the Eloy Detention Center. Their action calls Read more

  30. 7 Undocumented People Handcuff Themselves to White House Fence

    Undocumented Leaders & People Facing Deportation Handcuff Themselves to White House Fence Calling for President Read more

  31. AP: Advocates Turn to Obama for Action on Immigration

    With immigration legislation stalled in Congress, advocates are intensifying pressure on the Obama administration to Read more

  32. Bios of 11 Los Angeles “Not1More Deportation” Action Participants

      These 11 people are risking arrest in civil disobedience calling on the President to Read more

  33. On April 5th, 70+ Cities Increase Pressure on National Day of Action for Deportation Relief from President Obama

    As part of the national #Not1more Deportation campaign, immigrant communities in more than forty cities will participate in a national day of action under the banner of "Two Million Too Many" with marches, rallies, vigils, and forums to push the White House to take immediate action to expand deferred action, end its quota programs like S-Comm, and suspend deportations.


  1. Spread the Word – Defend Civil Disobedience

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  2. Queer & Trans Immigrants from Across the Country Proclaim “Liberation, Not Deportation”

    BREAKING: LGBTQ Immigrants Stage Civil Disobedience in front of Santa Ana City Jail to Protest Read more

  3. 3. Step-by-Step Guide

    The following is a general step-by-step guide to the process of conducting a public campaign Read more


  1. USCIS Reverses Decision to Punish Civil Disobedience

    Chicago, IL — Chicago immigrant rights organizer and educator Nadia Sol Ireri Unzueta Carrasco has Read more

  2. Father of 5 and Wisconsin Permanent Resident to be Deported for 14 Year Old Conviction