#Not1More Deportation

Constantino is a Civil Rights Leader in Iowa Who Could Be Deported


UPDATE: Constantino was deported despite community efforts. In April, he was found shot in his home town in Mexico.

Constantino is a father and an organizer with the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement who is at risk of being deported. While he has lived in the U.S. he has stood up for the rights of workers and immigrants, participating in various campaigns against wage theft, for immigration reform, and against state and city policies that lead to deportations and

separation of families. As part of his organizing he has met with Sheriffs and US representatives telling his story and advocating for changes that would improve the lives of all Iowa residents.

Last year Constantino was placed in deportation proceedings after being detained at work. When he went in front of the judge, he had to represent himself because he had no money to pay for a lawyer. He believes because he was not able to present his case as well as an attorney, he lost his case, and could not be removed at any time.

Constantino has already sent a request for prosecutorial discretion, which the local ICE Field office has denied. Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin have both taken interest in the case, but ICE continues to deny his stay of deportation.