#Not1More Deportation

Exiled Stories #1: Tyna and Zar

Title: Exiled Stories #1: Tyna and Zar

Producer: Anida Yoeu Ali
Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Masahiro Sugano
Production Assistant: Vath Tho

Description: Chandara “Zar” Tep paid his debt to society by serving time in his youth. After his incarceration, he led a reformed life for 13 years, providing for 3 kids and his wife Tyna. Filmed during Tyna’s visit to Cambodia, one year after his deportation to a country he had never been, they tell their story to Studio Revolt. Together, Tyna and Zar, recount the fateful day when I.C.E. officers came, without warning and without notice to deport Zar and forever sever his ties to his American family and life. The elimination of judicial discretion in the 1996 Immigration Acts strips these individuals of the right to plead their story in front of a judge.

©2013, Studio Revolt LLC

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