#Not1More Deportation

URGENT: Jaime Facing Immediate Deportation for Hunger Striking

2/27/14 Update: Jaime was deported on the night of February 25th, without communication with his attorney or his family. When he was deported, Jaime still had an appeal pending with the 9th circuit.

Jaime Arturo Valdez Reyes (A#201288309) has already experienced the pain of this deportation machine. Only a few years ago, Jaime’s older brother was picked up by ICE and held in deportation. Jaime and his family tried to sustain hope, sought lawyers, and fought the case. But in the end, Jaime’s brother was deported to Mexico and killed upon return.

Now, Jaime is in ICE detention himself, arrested for only a DUI. Jaime has been in Eloy for 10 long months. Jaime’s mother is beside herself with grief and fear of losing another son.

She explains, “I don’t know if you understand how it feels for a mother to lose a son. I go to work and I am thinking about him. I come home from work and I am thinking about him.”

Both of Jaime’s parents live in the U.S. and his fiancee is a U.S. citizen. Jaime’s family needs him home now! Tell ICE to stop bringing tragedy upon this family! Free Jaime Arturo Valdez!

To: Carlos Munoz Acevedo, ICE Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Kareem Shora, ICE Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Andrew Lorenzen Strait, National ICE Public Advocate, Jon Gurule, Phoenix Field Office Director; Assistant Field Director / Public Advocate

Subject: URGENT: Jaime is Being Deported Tonight With an Appeal Still Pending

I am writing to ask that you immediately release Jaime Arturo Valdez Reyes (A#201288309) and cancel his deportation. Jaime has an appeal pending in the 9th Circuit. He and his father, along with others inside and outside of detention, have been participating in a hunger strike since Monday 2/17/14. Jaime has been targeted as the ring leader of the hunger strikers in Eloy Detention Center, punished with solitary confinement and now with deportation.
It is illegal to use deportation as a punishment for exercising his civil rights. Jaime must be allowed to continue his appeals and see his case through.

I ask that you immediately release Jaime and cancel his deportation.

I await your response.