#Not1More Deportation

Free Norma Parra Montiel: Hard-Working Grandma Arrested for Working!

Update: Norma was freed from detention on 7/22/13.  Thanks for your support!
Since Norma Parra Montiel (#205-418-816) arrived in the U.S. twenty-four years ago, she has worked for a better future for her children.  She worked at Maggiano’s Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ for nearly two decades until she was detained in 2011 while working to feed her family and pay for her 23-year-old daughter’s life-saving medical treatment.

After spending almost two years in jail and detention, Norma now faces separation from the two children and her two grandkids she has worked hard to support.

All of Norma’s children and grandchildren are U.S. citizens. Her son, Reynel, 14,misses his mother desperately.  Other family members notice that he has not been himself and his grades have dropped since his mother was taken away.  Her daughter, Samira, 23, is a new mother and still struggling with serious health concerns.  Norma always worked extra hours to pay for expensive medical treatments and gave her daughter the courage to keep fighting.

ICE is deporting people, like Norma, whose only charges stem from working.

Working is not a crime!  Tell ICE that this hard-working grandma should be at home with her family.

Sign now to tell ICE to let Norma go!