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Families of the DREAM 30 still in detention: Release Rosy and Margarita!

Update: Margarita was released on bond on July 9, 2014.  Thanks for all your support!

Update: Rosy was released on bond April 29, 2014, though Margarita remains detained. 

Last September, thirty U.S. residents, known as the ‘Dream 30,’ joined arms and walked across the border, asking to return home. Although most were released, their family members who returned alongside with them, are still being held in immigration detention.

Rosy Rojas Gallego (A#205-930-728) is a 20-year old DREAMer whose high school education in Arizona was interrupted when doctors gave her grandfather one week to live.  Margarita Rojas Ramirez (A#205-936-572), Rosy’s aunt and a mother of 4, was heartbroken by the news. Together, Margarita, Rosy, and the rest of their family left Arizona for Mexico to be with the man on his death bed.

However, in Mexico, Rosy and Margarita faced violence and persecution. They knew they had to come home. Rosy’s cousin, who is also Margarita’s daughter,  joined the DREAM 30.  After her successful crossing and release, 6 other members of the Rojas family took the risk to come home.

Two of them were released from Eloy Detention Center, but Rosy and Margarita are still detained, facing imminent deportation. 

Help us bring them all home! Tell ICE to release Rosy and Margarita and stop their deportation!

To: Daniel Ragsdale, Acting Director of ICE; Andrew Lorenz-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to ask that you immediately release Rosy Rojas Gallego (A# 205-930-728) and cancel her deportation. Rosy is a 20-year old DREAMer who was studying in school and planning to apply for DACA before her grandfather became ill. She has no criminal charges and no previous encounters with the law. The only reason she is in detention is because she and her family returned home, seeking safety.

Three years ago, Rosy and her family went to Mexico after a doctor told Rosy’s grandpa he had only one week to live. In Mexico, Rosy was bullied in school and her father was severely beaten, so the whole family decided to return to safety in Mesa, Arizona.

The family was detained in September through Nogales. Rosy’s mother and sister were released, but Rosy, her father, and her aunt are still in detention. Migrating to escape violence is a basic human right. There is no reason Rosy, a young woman victimized by the border, should have to experience separation from her mom and sister. Please release Rosy and cancel her deportation!

I await your response.

To: Daniel Ragsdale, Acting Director of ICE; Andrew Lorenz-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to ask that you immediately release Margarita Rojas Ramirez (A#205-936-572) and cancel her deportation. Margarita lived in Mesa, Arizona with her four children for 6 years before her father in Mexico became ill. The doctors gave Margarita’s father only one week to live, so Margarita and her family traveled to Mexico to be with him. Margarita tried to stay in Mexico, but she and her family faced persecution and violence. Out of fear for their lives, they made the difficult decision of heading for home in Mesa.

Margarita has no criminal charges. The only reason she is in Eloy Detention Center right now is because she was detained for returning home. Her sister and niece, who crossed the border with Margarita, have already been released.

Don’t separate Margarita from her family or her children in Mesa! People shouldn’t have to endure detention or deportation for visiting dying relatives or seeking safety. Please release Margarita and close her case.

I await your response.

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