#Not1More Deportation

Victim of 2008 Arpaio Workplace Raid Facing Imminent Deportation

Update 11/11/14: Guadalupe’s case was finally closed! Thanks for all your support!

Tell ICE: Stop Guadalupe’s Deportation!

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos has been fighting her deportation since she was arrested in one of Arpaio’s workplace raids in 2008.  Despite the fact that many raid victims have been granted discretion by ICE, Guadalupe is still threatened with being separated from family five years after her arrest.

Guadalupe was arrested by Arpaio for working in 2008 and was detained for 6 months, separated from her then-young children.  She was released on bond, but her deportation case has remained pending for the last five years. Despite fighting her deportation case every way she can, Guadalupe and her family have had to deal with the constant stress and trauma of never knowing if they will be allowed to remain together.  This is more than anyone should have to bear.

Tell ICE to close Guadalupe’s deportation case once and for all so that she and her family can stay together.

Working is not a crime!


Make a Phone Call 

Call the Phoenix ICE Field Office at (602) 766-7030  to demand they stop Guadalupe’s deportation!

Sample Script: I am calling to ask you to close the deportation case of  Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos (A#095-782-449).  She was arrested in one of Arpaio’s workplace raids in 2008 and since then has been fighting to remain with her family in every way she can. Working is not a crime!”


2) Sign the petition

Click Here to See Letter Sent to ICE in Support of Guadalupe

To Jon Gurule, Phoenix Field Office Director; Rudy Bustamante, Phoenix ICE Community Liason; Phoenix ICE Office of Public Affairs

I am writing to ask that you immediately close Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos’s (A#095-782-449) deportation case.  Guadalupe was arrested in one of Sheriff Arpaio’s workplace raids in 2008. She has no other charges, other than those stemming from the raid, and no prior deportations. While she was released on bond after 6 months in detention, her deportation case has remained pending for the last five years. She has two U.S. citizen children who suffer from lasting trauma and grief due to the constant threat of their mother’s deportation.

We have countless examples of victims of workplace raids whose deportation cases who have been closed, showing that they merit discretion.  Please take immediate action to close Guadalupe’s case so that she can remain here with the family she has worked so hard to support.

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