#Not1More Deportation

Hector Nolasco

**UPDATE: Hector is out on bond and back home with his family. But we’re still fighting to close his case.**

Hector Nolasco is a day laborer whose employer falsely accused him of assault when he stood up for his rights. Hector was held in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s custody for two weeks and then transferred to ICE.

His wife and two-year-old daughter are frantic with worry. Sign today to tell ICE to release Hector and not take any enforcement action against Hector.

Here’s what happened:

Hector and a friend were hired to work for 5 hours. After working 7, they told their employer he’d have to pay them more if he wanted them to keep working. When he refused, Hector and his friend walked away. But the employer followed them, harassed them and, finally, called the police and falsely reported that Hector had threatened them with a knife.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it happens all too often. With your support, we recently succeeded in stopping the deportation of Jose Ucelo, a day laborer who, like Hector, faced deportation after his employer falsely reported him to the police. Now we need to help Hector like we helped Jose.

We know that with your help we can win this fight. But it will take a fight to win.

Please sign the petition and donate today!


Hector Nolasco