#Not1More Deportation

I have DACA, But That Won’t Bring My Mom Home: Free Bertha Martinez!

Update: Bertha was released from detention and her deportation was cancelled on 11/12/13.  Thanks for all who supported Bertha and her family!  Not1More!

Angel, 17, didn’t try out for football this season and he isn’t going to school today. That’s because Monday, September 9, Angel’s mom, Bertha Martinez (A#205577927), will be transferred from jail to ICE, and could now be deported any time.

For the past 3 months, Bertha has been in Arpaio’s jail for working to support her two boys, Angel and Jose, 19, both DACA recipients. Bertha has been worked hard to raise her children, cheering them on at sports games, inviting their friends and neighbors over for dinner, and working to pay for their home in El Mirage. Now she may never see them again.

There is no reason Angel should have to worry about his mom’s deportation; Bertha has no criminal charges other than work, and no prior deportations. Yet, Angel worries that he will have to choose between life in the U.S. with his dad or Mexico with his mother. “I have DACA,” Angel says, “but my house is not a home without my mom.”

Working is not a crime! Tell ICE to stop separating families. Free Bertha Martinez! 

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