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Illinois Father of 3 To be Deported After Home Raid

Update: Thank you all who made phone calls on behalf of Antonio. Unfortunately Antonio was deported Friday May 17th, 2013, and is now in Mexico. He got there safely. ICE has succeeded in breaking up another family. But we can not give up. We must continue to support his family and others like him who face being torn apart from their loved ones by outdated and unjust laws.  

On May 1, ICE agents came to Antonio Najera’s house. They knocked on the door and when his kids answered, the agents went inside and proceded to arrest Antonio, telling him if he did not want his kids to see him get arrested to tell them to leave the room. Antonio’s kids were left with a stranger who then left the children alone after their father was arrested.

Antonio has three US citizen children who depende on him. He is a good father who spent time with his kids and helped them with their homework. Antonio is currently in detention and is set to be deported tomorrow, May 17th!

“They came into the house and arrested my dad without giving him any reasons, they took him and left us on our own in the house.  My dad is a good man and my siblings and I need him.” Yesenia Najera, 11, Antonio’s daughter.

Please sign the petiton to hel stop Antonio Najera’s deportation.

I am writing to urge you to stop the deportation of Antonio Najera (A-099030284). He has three U.S children that depend on him. Please consider using prosecutorial discretion in his case and stop his deportation.

Antonio is set to be deported tomorrow. He is a good father and his kids miss him.

When ICE agents came to his house on May 1st his kids opened the door. The agents then showed the kids a blurry picture and proceeded to go in and arrest Antonio. The kids were left alone with a stranger who then left them unsupervised after their father was arrested.

Please grant Antonio prosecutorial discretion and stop his deportation!

Thank you

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