#Not1More Deportation

Ingrid Cruz: Weep not for me, but for our collective liberation

Artist: Ingrid Cruz was born in El Salvador, was raised in California, has lived in Mexico City and now lives in Mississippi. She is a visual artist, poet and occasional amateur journalist/community organizer.

Description: I drew this piece last year after a day in which I signed and shared a lot of deportation petitions. I wanted to make something that humanizes and simplifies the issue of deportations and mass detentions in a very real way. I rarely make simple drawings, but I noticed how much this touched a chord in many people. Immigration and deportations aren’t about numbers and statistics. We who live in Mississippi know this very well. We don’t even exist in the minds of the movement, but we know the pain of family separations, racism, bribery, and discrimination all too well. Numbers don’t keep us fighting, but these simple concepts do.

Twitter: @ingridiswriting
Website:  http://ingridisdrawing.blogspot.com