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Loving Father Faces Deportation Despite Threats on his Life

Update 12/18/15: Juan Miguel was released on bond, thanks to all of your support!  While he is reunited with his family, he is still in deportation proceedings, so stay tuned for future ways to support his case!

Juan Miguel Cornejo Millan is a community leader, loving husband, and father of two children with DACA who anxiously await his return home.  He is currently detained at the notorious Eloy Detention Center while awaiting the outcome of his asylum case.

Juan Miguel has lived in the United States for many years, and was first deported in 2007 when he was racially profiled while driving to work in Pinal County in Central Arizona, processed through Operation Streamline, and deported.  He returned to his family and home and was deported again in August, 2015 when ICE came to his block looking for his neighbor and mistakenly arrested him instead.

Juan has a long history of organizing, participating in the National Strike Committee en UNAM in 1997-2000 and worked to support the Zapatistas.  He was targeted by the federal police in Mexico for his political activity and also has had his life threatened by a cartel in Mexico City after a hit was put out on his family and again in Nogales when he refused to assist with digging tunnels and drug smuggling across the border.

Juan has two misdemeanors on his record, after he and his wife got into a fight and called the police for help de-escalating the situation because they didn’t know who else to turn to.  They were both arrested, but the state only pressed charges against Juan Miguel. Juan Miguel has already served his time for both charges and so shouldn’t have to pay for previous mistakes with his life.

Sandra and Joel, Juan Miguel’s two children, haven’t seen their father outside of a detention visitation room in almost a year. They both say that their father is their best friend and can’t imagine spending another day without him home.

Even though Juan has passed his credible fear interview, he is languishing in detention.  Tell ICE it’s time to release Juan, so he can be reunited with his family.

Sign the petition to urge ICE to free Juan Miguel from detention!

Letter to Phoenix ICE Office

I am writing in support of Juan Miguel Cornejo Millan (A#087-536-316), currently detained at Eloy Detention Center. Juan has significant family ties in the United States, and has built his home here for the last many years. His family has suffered significantly from his previous deportation, and his two children with DACA have not seen him outside of a detention visitation room for almost a year. This family has suffered enough, and it is time for Juan Miguel to come home.

In addition, he fears for his life if forced to return to Mexico, having been targeted by the federal police for his student organizing and by the cartels in Mexico City and Nogales. Juan’s family needs him home, in the place where they have built their lives. I am aware that Juan has two previous misdemeanors, but he has already paid his time and should not have to pay for his previous mistakes with his life, as he likely would if deported.

Please release Juan Miguel immediately from detention so he can continue to fight his case outside with his family, where he belongs.

Thank you.


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