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Liberation Not Deportation – Zepeda

Title: Liberation Not Deportation
Description: The hummingbird is a symbol of peace, love and happiness. To many indigenous people, the hummingbird believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. Inspired by my ancestors deep spirituality, I used the hummingbird as a symbol to communicate dreams, thoughts, her/his-tory and movement.

Artist Bio: Zuleica Zepeda is a local award-winning Xicana Indigenous artist and photographer, estudiante graphic designer, jaranera, poet, vegan cultura-nary and community organizer. Her artwork has been on exhibition throughout the Santa Ana, San Diego and L.A. area. She has received several awards including Show Favorite for El Abuelo, Silver Print (2010) at the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is co-founder of Seeds of Resistance, an autonomous, grassroots womyn of color art collective in Santa Ana. Her artwork and poetry have been published in the 2012 and 2013 Mujeres de Maíz annual zine. She believes art is a form of resistance and healing by communicating the spirit of creativity through visual arts. Inspired by social movements and grassroots struggles, she continues to learn and grow as an artist pushing for change by any medium necessary.

Website: www.zuleicazepeda.com
Twitter: @zuleicazepeda

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Liberation Zepeda