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Luis is eligible for DACA, so why is he in Eloy?

Luis Javier Arregui Reyes is 25 years old and has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since he was five months old. He is eligible for DACA but has been not able to apply due to the cost of the application.  Earlier this year, Luis was arrested for a minor marijuana possession charge, but was released from police custody with only a fine to pay.  Several months later, ICE showed up at his house and took him into custody, even though according to their own priority guidelines, possession charges should not trigger deportation proceedings.

Luis has now spent over two months in the notorious Eloy Detention Center, the deadliest immigrant detention center in the country. According to his mother, Luis is a caring son who works hard to support his family.  He loves dancing, cars, and his pet dog.

According to ICE’s own priorities, Luis should not be deported, so why is in he currently in detention? Please join his family in advocating for his release.

Send an email to ICE urging them to grant Luis discretion and release him from detention.

Tell ICE to release Luis immediately and stop his deportation!

Click Here to See Letter Sent to ICE in Support of Luis

To the Phoenix ICE Field Office, Albert Carter, Thomas Giles:
I am writing in support of Luis Javier Arregui Reyes (A#200-294-920). Luis is a loving son who is eligible for DACA and so should not be in the Eloy Detention Center where he has been incarcerated since July, 2015.
I am aware that Luis has a minor marijuana possession charge but that should not lead to deportation according to your agency’s own priorities.
I urge you to grant Luis’s immediate release from detention and stop his deportation.
Thank you,

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