#Not1More Deportation

Maru is fighting hard to bring her “big bear” home: Will you join her?

March 11, 2014 update: Arturo is now back home with his mother thanks to all your signatures and phone calls! This is people power! Please go to notonemoredeportation.com to support others who continue to fight to come home.


Arturo Castaneda Martinez (A#205942830) grew up in Phoenix, playing on Third Street with his younger brother before they were old enough to understand what it means to be “undocumented”. Arturo graduated from high school, excelling in athletics, and began working to help his mom pay rent. However, he was arrested for working and now could be deported this week.

Arturo’s mom, Maru, joined the Puente Movement and has been fighting hard to stop her son’s deportation. She has seen many mothers endure the same heartbreak. Together, they have marched for their children’s freedom, spoken to congresspeople, and protested outside of ICE. Maru is standing up for her community, and dreams of the day when her “big bear” will come home.

Will you join Maru’s struggle to stop her son’s deportation? Tell ICE to stop separating mothers from their children! Free Arturo!


To: John Sandweg, Acting Director of ICE; Andrew Lorenz-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to ask that you immediately release Arturo Castaneda Martinez (A#205942830) and cancel his deportation. Arturo is a DREAMer who has lived in the U.S. since he was a young child. He was arrested for a minor DUI and served his time. He now faces charges for working.

Arturo has no prior deportations. He graduated from high school, excelling in athletics. He has since worked hard to support his family, and should not face separation from his family for helping to his mom to pay rent.

People should not be separated from their families for working. I ask that you immediately release Arturo and cancel his deportation.

I await your response.