#Not1More Deportation

Amanda, 8-weeks Pregnant, Could Lose Her Husband to Deportation


Otto Villatoro and his wife Amanda were at home with his two children, when ICE agents came knocking at their door and arrested Otto. That night, his two children and his pregnant wife were left alone. His oldest son is 12 and has autism, while his youngest son is only 2 years old. They are all US citizen.

The reason ICE has given for Otto’s detention is that he has a prior deportation from 13 years ago. This factor alone, according to ICE, make him priority for deportation.

In addition to his children and his wife being a US citizen, he has an approved marriage petition, he has no criminal record, he has support from his community, and he suffers from severe sleep apnea and seizures . His wife and children have suffered tremendously emotionally and economically, and are also worried about his health in detention.   

UPDATE: After the Newark field office had  denied Otto’s request for prosecutorial discretion before he was transferred to New Orleans. However, when his community responded, he was taken back to New Jersey, and finally granted a one-year stay of removal and released from detention in April 2014. 


To: John Tsoukaris (Newark Field Office Director),
Mark Vogler (Newark ICE Field Office Assistant Director),

I am writing in support of Mr. Otto Villatoro Ochoa (A# 077-798-932). Mr. Villatoro has no criminal record, he is married to a U.S. citizen and has an approved I-130 petition, has 2 United States citizen children who are 12 years old and 22 months old. His oldest is autistic. His wife, Ms. Amanda Villatoro is also 8 weeks pregnant. In addition, he has severe health problems. He is currently being detained at the La Salle Detention Center, and could be deported at any time.

I understand that the only negative equity in his case is a past encounter with immigration agents at the border over 10 years ago. I believe that the positive factors outweigh the negative. Before he was transferred to New Orleans, the Newark Field Office denied his attorney’s request for a stay of removal. I urge you to review this decision and grant Mr. Villatoro Ochoa a stay of removal in positive exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

Thank you,