#Not1More Deportation

Not One More Daddy Deported for Working! Free Orlando Mendez Sierra!

Orlando 3

Update: Orlando was released on 9/20/13.  Thanks for your support!

Phoenix Police and County Attorney Bill Montgomery collaborated in entrapping Orlando Mendez Sierra (A#074323241) in a web of criminal charges, court hearings, jail time, and detention, just for working to support his two little girls. Now, ICE plans to deport Orlando, separating him from his daughters forever.

Orlando lived and worked in the U.S. for over 13 years. His oldest, Krisha Mendez, 11, has diabetes, so Orlando works overtime to cover the cost of her medicine. Denise, 9, goes with her dad to Jeronimo church in their Phoenix community. Both girls miss their dad desperately and don’t want their family to become another ICE statistic.

Orlando has no criminal charges other than for working. Working is not a crime!

Tell ICE enough is enough, not one more Daddy deported for working! Free Orlando Mendez Sierra!


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