#Not1More Deportation

Not1More Deported Mom – Ingrid Cruz

Artist: Ingrid Cruz was born in El Salvador, was raised in California, has lived in Mexico City and now lives in Mississippi. She is a visual artist, poet and occasional amateur journalist/community organizer.

Description: I made this piece on Mother’s Day to show the injustice of deporting mothers. Every day ICE and CBP detain and deport mothers whose children and partners need them. They’re subjected to violence, sexual harassment or even prison rape. Even in discussions around reform, the “proof” women will need to adjust their status is going to be hard to come by, and many women might be excluded from this reform due to the nature of the jobs many immigrant women take (caretakers, nannies, domestic workers). I drew the mother and child as peaceful to show the very things our immigration and private prison industry destroy during raids and deportations.

Twitter: @ingridiswriting
Website:  http://ingridisdrawing.blogspot.com