#Not1More Deportation

Operating Stream-Line by María José Ramos V.

Operating Stream-line

In the Streamline court room, smells, a nasty combination of excessive use of hand sanitizer, expensive and cheap perfumes, colognes, tierra del desierto, mucho, mucho, mucho sudor, sangre, excrement, orines, lágrimas, semen, ropa sucia, ropa húmeda, ropa from Forever 21, Border Patrol uniforms made in maquilas, hechos en Mexico,

People in court, eating fucking candies, drinking their damn coffee with cream and sugar, sending texts, emails, laughing, talking, the normalization of some else´s tragedy, numbness, the inability to feel someone, the inability to truly see at someone else face, intentions. Everything is disinfected after each use, including shit.

Saliva, coffs, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer pffffuusss, pfffuusss hand sanitizer, perfumes, tieera del desierto, lluvia, lodo, mud, tierra, excessive make up, creams, tierra.

To my friend, the Border Patrol Angent and Police costumes.

Hi, how are you doing? I came today to tell you about the day I meet you. That day I was coming back from a study trip with my off campus group, in 2013. I remember saying goodbye to one of my friends as we came closer to the line the separated us, that line dividing between citizens and alien, that line that remind us that he has more privileges than me, that line that reminded him that he was going home and I was not.
I saw you from far away, yes, from far away, how you interacted with other people, I would not say that it was love on the first sight since it took me away until I started praying for you, I started praying for your love and not your hate cuz I saw how you treated other people, I prayed because I did not want to be another of these people who just passed in front of your desk. And I prayed, I prayed and prayed. Yes, I was designated to you and I could not understand why dear, why you were so disrespectful, why were you so angry, I could not understand dear what was eating your heart, what did not allow you to be a person but and angry robot signing papers.
I am so sorry dear, I could not understand what you were saying, I am so sorry dear I could not understand your English, I am so sorry dear that you could not understand my accent, sorry for being confused, sorry for not being able to answer what you wanted, sorry just being another normal students that wants to complete her study. Sorry, sorry, sorry, per me culpa, per me culpa me me mea culpa.
I did not understand dear when you told me calm down and sent me to the especial search, sorry, if I despair for not being able to call my friends who almost miss their flight for not telling me a lone. I am sorry that I have family and friends that care for me. But I am not sorry for not crying for your love since I do not think you understand something different from hate.

Description: I wrote this while witnessing Operation Streamline. I wrote it in a sort of beat that can be explore as the poem is delivered. It is suppose to be a rhythmical poem as suppose of someone just reading it.

Poet Bio: Currently, I am a college student at Earlham College (IN), Latin American and T heater double major, emphasized on Political Performance. Originally from Costa Rica. I am in Tucson doing an off campus semester called Border Program which emphasized on learning about migration from different approaches. I consider myself an immigrant in since I leaf Costa Rica in 2008


Operating Streamline by Maria Jose Ramos V.