#Not1More Deportation

Fani, Single mom and activist from Tennessee fights deportation away from her children

UPDATE: As of October 4th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement granted Fani her request for prosecutorial discretion, and she will be able to stay with her children. Although her case is still pending, she is no longer under immediate threat of deportation. Thank you for your support!

Fani Elizabeth Gonzalez (A# 99615578) is a Tennessee single mother who has lived in the community for 6 years, and worked hard to provide for her four children and her mother. She is an active leader of the Women’s Committee at the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRCC), a powerful defender of immigrant rights in her community, and a business woman.

After a police stop and arrest for driving without a license, she was turned over to Immigration officials, and has been under the threat of deportation since then.

While she was detained, she was told that in order to see her children, she should sign “this piece of paper.” She signed the document without a translation, and without knowing that what she was agreeing to an expedited removal.

Fanny has no criminal history, is a leader in the community, a single mother of four, and an exemplary Tennessean. Her only immigration record is a past deportation.

Fanny does not want to leave, and continues to organize against her own deportation, and supporting other immigrant women in her community. ICE has the power to close her case. Please help her tell ICE that Fanny wants to stay with her family.