#Not1More Deportation

Katherine’s Parents’ Case is Closed


**UPDATE: Katherine’s parents’ cases were closed. Thank you to everyone for your signatures!***

Carlos and Sandra Figueroa’s case is well-known because of their daughter Katherine’s organizing. At age 9, she led children’s marches, testified in Congress, and told her story in Arizona’s statehouse. Their story was featured in the documentary Two Americans and Katherine recently reenacted her family’s case for the music video, “El Hielo,” with La Santa Cecilia.

Katherine saw her parents’ getting arrested live on television when she came home from school one day.  Carlos and Sandra worked at a Phoenix, Arizona carwash that Sheriff Arpaio targeted in one of his raids.

Despite the fact that the Department of Justice has documented Arpaio’s policing to be tainted by the worst racial profiling investigators ever personally witnessed and the fact that Carlos and Sandra have no record and two US citizen children, ICE is still trying to deport them.

But Katherine, the Puente movement, and all of us ares fighting back to make sure the Figueroa family stays together and another one of Arpaio’s victims aren’t deported.

Tell ICE to close their case and keep the Figueroa family together


I’m writing you to ask that you to keep the Figueroa family together and stop the deportation of Carlos and Sandra Figueroa (A#087-535-209 and A#A087755806). Carlos and Sandra have two US citizen children and no criminal record. They were victims of raids by Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio that the Department of Justice has documented as the worst racial profiling investigators ever personally witnessed. Their daughter Katherine saw the raid and arrest of her parents live on television at age 9. Despite that trauma, she organized children’s marches to see to their release from detention and was a key witness to prevent further discriminatory laws from passing in Arizona. Their family belongs together and in the place they call home. Please use discretion to keep them together.