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Susana, Cancer Survivor and Mother, Wants to See Grandchildren Grow Up

Update: Susana made the decision to not fight her case. She signed a voluntary departure and left.

Susana Hernandez Gomez, (A 077 586 551) first came to the United States in 1994 as a 24-year-old single mother because she was unable to provide for her two young daughters, then ages 1 and 5. She was in despair and seeking a better life for her living children after her two-month-old daughter passed away due to respiratory problems.

Susana is a survivor herself, currently battling Cervical cancer and the shingles.

Today, Susana’s surviving daughters, Susana (20) and Diana (24), have spent most of their lives in the U.S. and are now both lawful permanent residents. Susana also has 2 grandchildren, Analisa and Jacqueline, and married a US citizen in 2003.

But ICE wants to deport Susana separate her from her family.

In 1999, Susana’s mother died and she returned to Mexico to be at her funeral, as any daughter would.  But when she tried to re-enter the US, ICE  stopped her and ordered her to go back, and like any mother, she returned anyway to raise her 7 and 11 year old daughters.

Susana was caught up by our inhumane immigration system when the local police stopped her as she was dropping off an acquaintance. Though the police found drugs on the passenger, but Susana was found innocent. However, she was still brought into ICE custody and her previous deportation order was reactivated.

Please help her stay with her family by signing the petition below.

Thank you for your support,

Dear Assistant Field Office Director Brian Acuña,
I am writing to ask you to release from DHS custody, and grant deferred action, and/or a stay of removal for Susana Hernandez Gomez (A# 077 586 551). She has lived in the U.S. for nearly 20 years and has significant ties to her community and her U.S. citizen and LPR family members, including her spouse, her children, and her grandchildren. She provides both emotional and material support to her family, who depend upon her. Additionally, Ms. Hernandez Gomez has a medical condition that requires close monitoring by her doctor. Ms. Hernandez poses no threat to national security or to public safety, and it is in the best interest of her community and family that she remains. Although Ms. Hernandez has a prior removal, she returned to care for her young children here. I believe the positive factors in Ms. Hernandez’s case outweigh the negative. I urge you to use prosecutorial discretion in the case of Ms. Hernandez. Thank you,


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