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Three Tucson Community Members and Civil Rights Defenders in Deportation After Routine Traffic Stop

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Update: The three were released on bond on October 10th, but are still facing deportation. Please send an e-mail to ICE asking them to close their cases.

On October 09th three Tucson, Arizona residents were detained and placed in deportation proceedings after a routine traffic stop. Agustin Ramon Reyes Sepulveda and Arturo Robles Urea were in a vehicle that was stopped by the Tucson Police for having a non-working headlight. When they could not show an identification, the police called the Border Patrol to check their immigration papers.

When local community members saw that Arturo and Agustin were being detained by Border Patrol they peacefully assembled to observe the civil conduct of the police officers and prevent Border Patrol from detaining them. In retaliation, the crowd was pepper sprayed and eventually the Border Patrol took Arturo and Agustin, as well as Rosa  Maria Leal, one of the peaceful observers.

Rosa Maria is the wife of Eleazar Castellanos, a well known day laborer and organizer who participated in last year’s national ‘No Papers No Fear’ Ride for Justice, or ‘Undocubus.’ All three people detained are also organizers and volunteers with the community organization Corazón de Tucson, and are currently detained at Eloy Detention Center.

Actualización: Inmigración dejo a los tres salir bajo fianza el 10 de octubre, pero siguen en deportación. Por favor firma abajo diciendo le a inmigración que cierre sus casos.

El 9 de Octubre tres residentes de Tucson, Arizona fueron detenidos y puestos en proceso de deportación, tras una parada de transito rutinaria. Agustin Ramon Reyes Sepulveda y Arturo Robles Urea estaban en un vehículo que fue detenido por la policía local de Tucson por no tener una luz prendida. Cuando no pudieron enseñar identificación, la policía llamó a la Patrulla Fronteriza para que revisara sus documentos.

Cuando miembros de la comunidad vieron que Arturo y Agustin estaban siendo detenidos por la Patrulla Fronteriza se reunieron pacificamente para observar la conducta civil de los policias y prevenir a la Patrulla Fronteriza de detenerlos. En represalia, los policias usaron gas lacrimogeno en contra de la gente, y eventualmente detuvieron a Arturo y a Agustin, así como a Rosa Maria Leal, una de las personas que observava en arresto.

Rosa Maria es la esposa de Eleazar Castellanos, un trabajador conocido por su activismo y participación en el Undocubus, Sin Papeles, Sin Miedo. Los tres detenidos son organizadores y voluntarios con la organización Corazón de Tucson, y están detenidos en el Centro de Detención en Eloy.

Please send an e-mail to ICE to urge them to use prosecutorial discretion to close their deportation cases.

Por favor firma abajo para mandarle un correo a inmigración para que usen discreción fiscal para cerrar sus casos de inmigración.



To: John Gurule, ICE Field Office Director, Phoenix, Arizona
To: Eduardo Preciado, ICE Public Advocate, Phoenix, Arizona

I am writing in support of Ms. Rosa Leal (A# 205-941-241), who was detained by the Border Patrol on October 08, 2013. Ms. Leal is a loving mother of a legal permanent resident, she has lived in the U.S. since 1996, is a local civil rights advocate with the organization Corazón de Tucson and a participant with the Detention Watch Network. Ms. Leal has no criminal record and no past immigration violations. She was detained while peacefully observing the arrest by Border Patrol of two community members, acting as a civil rights observer. Please consider using prosecutorial discretion to close her case.

I am writing in support of Mr. Agustin Ramon Reyes Sepulveda (A#205-941-240), who was detained by the Border Patrol on October 08, 2013, and currently detained at Eloy Detention Center. Mr. Ramos Reyes is the father of a 13 year old U.S. citizen, is a hard worker, an honest person and a community leader with the group Corazón de Tucson. He is also a devoted church member. Please consider using prosecutorial discretion to close his case.

I am writing in support of Mr. Arturo Robles Urea (A#205-941-242) who was detained by the Border Patrol on October 08, 2013. Mr. Robles Urea is the loving father of 3 United States citizen children, and a hard worker who provides for his family. He is also a devoted member of his church and a person of good moral character. I urge you to consider using prosecutorial discretion to close his deportation case.