#Not1More Deportation

Victims of Arpaio’s Unjust Raid to be Deported: Free Jesus and Miguel!


UPDATE: Jesus and Miguel were released from detention.

Jesus Renteria Tovar and Miguel Venegas Salazar have lived in the U.S. for over two decades, working hard to support their families. This year, they were swept up in one of Arpaio’s unjust workplace raids. A federal judge declared these raids unconstitutional and racially motivated. Yet, Jesus and Miguel are still facing deportation for working.

Jesus has diabetes and contracted pneumonia in Arpaio’s jail, yet was refused medications. He needs to be home immediately where he can get proper care. Miguel has three U.S. citizen children: Jonathan, 16, Isaac, 13, and Jenny, 11. They miss their dad desperately and need him home.

Jesus and Miguel have no prior deportations and no charges other than working. Arpaio’s racially motivated raids should never be the basis for a deportation.

Tell ICE to stop collaborating with Arpaio’s unjust raids and free Jesus and Miguel! Working is not a crime!

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