#Not1More Deportation

Young Mother Caught in Arpaio’s Raid: Don’t Deport Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos!

BREAKING UPDATE: Guadalupe was granted a 1-year stay-of-removal on 7/23/13.  Her work permit is currently being processed.  Thanks for your support!

In 2008, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos (A#095782449) was arrested in one of Arpaio’s unconstitutional workplace raids and detained for six months for working. This week, five long years after the raid, Guadalupe faces separation from the children she has worked hard to support.

Guadalupe first came to the U.S. when she was 14. She attended school, fell in love, and married her high school sweetheart. Together, they have two U.S. citizen children, Angel, 12, and Jacqueline, 10. Guadalupe has no charges other than working and no prior deportations.

For too long, Angel and Jacqueline have lived with the fear and uncertainty of their mother’s deportation. A federal judge declared Arpaio’s raids racially motivated and unconstitutional, yet ICE still intends to separate this family based on Arpaio’s unjust raid.

Tell ICE to stop deporting victims of Arpaio! Working is not a crime!

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