#Not1More Deportation

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As Administration Nears Two Million Deportations, Groups Say “Not One More,” Urge White House Action

What: Rally, Workshops and March in Support of Human Rights Leaders in Detention and the National Campaign to Stop Deportations

When: April 5, Noon to 5

Where: The Northwest Detention Center

Who: Speakers include Families of Human Rights Leaders; Jose Moreno, hunger striker who has been released; Maru Mora Villalpando, Sandy Restrepo, Carino Barragan and Angelica Chazaro, leaders of the Feb. 24th action and strike support efforts

Visuals: Many artistically done banners and homemade signs in English and Spanish that say You are not alone; Not1More Deportation; Deferred Action for All; 2 Million 2 Many. Several hundred people gathered making enough noise to be heard by those held in the immigration prison. Read more