#Not1More Deportation

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Source: TucsonNewsNow.com

At least eight people will be spending the next four nights in sleeping bags in a south-side church to bring awareness to a national campaign.

The campaign is calling for no more deportations. Cities as far east as New York are taking part in “The Fast.” One of the goals, is calling for President Barack Obama to immediately stop deportations.

The group in Tucson will spend five days and four nights at South-side Presbyterian Church near 10th Avenue and 22nd. The only thing they will have is water.

The group feels that immigration raids and deportations are separating families.

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40 Day Fast Philly

Source: Metro.us

Americans traditionally treat Independence Day as an observance of the country’s hard-won freedom and liberties.

But activists point out that for undocumented immigrants in the U.S., there’s nothing to celebrate this Fourth of July.

Members of New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, an interfaith immigrants rights coalition, will on Wednesday host an “un-barbecue” at the Liberty Bell, with empty grills, plates and picnic baskets symbolizing the lack of freedom faced by the city’s immigrants.

Seventy-five people representing 13 faith communities on June 22 kicked off a 40-day campaign of fasting and prayer, calling for an end to local deportation policies and for federal movement on humane immigration reform.

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New Sanctuary Movement Fast

Source: Kate Woodsome, VOANews.com

Barbecues and fireworks symbolic of America’s fight for freedom are a tradition of Independence Day celebrations in the United States. But this year, immigration activists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of America, are marking July 4 by fasting.

The interfaith immigrant rights group the New Sanctuary Movement staged a so-called “un-barbecue” on Wednesday, setting up empty plates, picnic baskets and grills around the iconic Liberty Bell to draw attention to the freedoms that aren’t shared with undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

“It’s no picnic for the immigrant community in this country. They’re still lacking that liberty and justice,” said Peter Pedemonti, director of the New Sanctuary Movement and one of dozens of activists fasting for 40 days in the name of immigration reform.

“People are being separated from their families every day,” he said, noting that 1,000 undocumented immigrants are deported daily from the U.S. “That’s certainly not the liberty and justice I think our forefathers imagined and that people throughout history have struggled and fought for.”

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Since 2008, the City of Philadelphia has granted ICE access to its police database, allowing ICE officials to search for individuals by country of origin in order to target foreign-born individuals.

On June 22, over 65 immigrants, allies, and religious leaders and 13 faith communities in Philadelphia began “40 Days of Fasting, Action, and Prayer” to demand an end to the collaboration between the Philadelphia Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The fast, organized by the  New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM), seeks to pressure Philadelphia officials to end local policies that result in mass deportation. Even if federal comprehensive immigration reform is passed by Congress, millions will be excluded from achieving citizenship and local deportation programs will continue to separate families and endanger public safety. In addition to participating in Secure Communities, Philadelphia is unique in granting ICE direct and unprecedented access to the local police’s electronic database. Read more

fasters lighting candles

Today, I plan to join my neighbors in Homestead, Florida, who are going a week without food to demand a stop to the deportations that are tearing apart our families and communities. The fast is part of the National Fast to say “Not One More Deportation.” In cities like Homestead, Florida where I have lived for most f my life, so many families have suffered because of the broken immigration system and have experienced humiliating raids almost every day. This can all change if our politicians, including our President, do what they are supposed to do.

I decided to fast because of what happened to my family. I have lived in South Florida for 14 years, graduating from high school here and studying Culinary Arts at a local community college. I was nine years old when my family came to the United States. Like a lot of my neighbors and friends, they came here looking for a better life and a better environment for their children. When I was old enough, I started working as a cook at a restaurant. Read more

In solidarity with undocumented immigrants who have been deported, several residents of Mountain View have begun a fast.

Maria Marroquin, executive director of the Day Worker Center of Mountain View, started a fast the evening of May 1st—after the May Day march and rally in the city—and will conclude it on May 11th, Mother’s Day. She joins scores of other sympathizers of immigration reform who aim to reunite families.

“We are hoping that our prayers get to our savior and to President Obama so that he uses the authority he has to stop the deportations,” Marroquin said on Wednesday. “Part of our fasting includes sending petitions not only to Obama, but to our representatives, in conjunction of course of the desire of a fair and just immigration reform for the country.”