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Demand that Labor Stand #UnitedAgainstHate

Sign for the Removal of the Border Patrol Union from the AFL-CIO

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To: President Richard Trumka
You have strongly led for all working people regardless of documentation status.  You stood up to the Administration’s record deportations and stood with undocumented workers to demand an end to the unjust removals.Throughout your tenure, the Border Patrol union has countered the federation’s mission of achieving immigration reform and protecting the rights of all workers.  Instead it has protected abuse of power and sought to prevent justice in multiple cases of violence and wrong-doing.Now it has gone further by endorsing the racist and xenophobic campaign of Donald Trump which not only promises mass deportation but mass destruction of the broader labor movement and the values it’s built upon.The National Border Patrol Council’s presence in the house of labor has been tolerated for too long. Labor has turned a blind eye to its abuses one too many times. But now it has gone too far and its relationship with the federation must be ended immediately.

For the safety of our families, for the future of workers, please terminate NBPC’s membership immediately.

The legacy of abuse and unaccountability within Border Patrol has made its membership in the American Federal of Labor (AFL-CIO) an issue of contention. But the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) statement endorsing Donald Trump for president on Wednesday, March 30th, marking NBPC’s first presidential endorsement, is a breaking point. Read more