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From bandstand, protester shouts, "I'm sorry Mr. President but that is a lie..." demand broader relief. Read more

As part of the National #Not1More Deportation Campaign, LGBTQ Organizations from across the country called on the Congressional Equality Caucus to come out to ensure LGBTQ immigrants benefit from and are included in the broadest relief possible for undocumented people.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
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Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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MILWAUKEE, WI –  June 19, 2014
BREAKING: Milwaukee Family Chains Together at ICE Office Demanding Release of Loved One, and Urging President to Halt Raids, Expand Relief Instead

The children of Manuel Lopez, a man caught in recent city-wide raids conducted by ICE joined with almost a dozen Wisconsinites, including Voces de la Frontera executive director Christine Neumann-Ortiz, to chain themselves together at the District field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to condemn the raids that have separated them from their father since May 27th of this year.

“I just want my dad to come home,” explains Brianna Lopez, age 11. “He’s a good guy and I miss him a lot.” Read more

Live streaming video by NDLON


Broadview, Illnois – Immigrant rights activists have formed a human chain to block an intersection near the Broadview Detention Center.  Crowds are chanting “Not one more,” and “Two Million Too Many” referring to the President’s record deportations and their demand that he act immediately to stop them.

One participant said, “If the President will not stop deportations, then we will.  You don’t deport people in order to legalize them.  The President’s strategy on immigration reform has gotten us two million deportations, but it hasn’t gotten us reform.  We need immediate action from the President and it needs to start with administrative relief.”  

Today’s actions are part of the national #Not1more Deportation campaign calling on President Obama to put a stop to deportations with more than 80 events occurring over the weekend nationwide.   By the middle of April, President Obama will have carried out 2 million deportations, more than any other president. Read more

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Seven undocumented Alabama residents and supporters locked themselves together to block the entrance of the Etowah County Detention Center as part of the national #Not1more campaign demanding that the President use his executive authority to stop deportations. The blockade is currently taking place at 827 Forrest Ave, Gadsden, AL 35901. The Etowah County Detention Center is part of the largest immigrant detention infrastructure in the world and today, the U.S. government locks up and deports more immigrants than ever before. As Congress stalls on immigration reform, Alabama families and families across the country continue to pay the price. Read more

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Seattle Shutdown ICE Action
A dozen undocumented Washington State residents and supporters have locked themselves together just moments ago at the entrance of the Northwest Detention Center as part of the national campaign demanding that the President stop deportations and expand deferred action for all. Read more

Ana Bonilla Martinez
At the age of six I could not fully comprehend what it would mean for me to never be able to see my father again. As my aunt had put it "God had called for him" and at that time I would have never imagined how difficult it would be to not have him around. I remember staying up late at night sobbing, with a knot in my throat, trying really hard to not wake my little brother of four years old, thinking and asking God "Why? Why did this happen?" This horrible tragedy was out of our control, it was something we could not change. Read more

DC Civil Disobedience
February 17, 2014 – Washington, DC: On Presidents Day, some two dozen religious leaders, immigrants and supporters are being arrested while praying in front of the White House. They gather to protest an inhumane deportation policy that could become President Obama’s historical legacy. The Obama Administration is about to reach an unprecedented 2 million deportations under its immigration quota programs. The action includes Pilar Molina whose husband is on hunger strike at a detention center in Norristown, Pennsylvania and Hermina Gallegos from Phoenix, Arizona where families and detainees are refusing to eat until their loved ones are released from extended detention. Read more

Days after launching their campaign against Secure Communities, or S-Comm, Austin immigrant rights advocates are blocking the doors of the Travis County Jail where immigrants are transported for deportation. Protesters have chained themselves together in front of the exit authorities use to transfer detained undocumented immigrants to the Federal Building where they are held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the Secure Communities (S-Comm) program. Read more