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Seattle, WA- “Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp (TWAC)” in solidarity with NWDC Resistance and the Not1More movement to end detentions and deportations, at this moment is doing a civil disobedience action to bring attention to ICE presence in downtown Seattle.TWAC will be calling attention to ICE, located on 1000 Second Ave where they have a large presence and headquarters, and their local quota that guarantees a minimum of 800 beds to be filled at the immigration jail in Tacoma (aka Northwest Detention Center) operated by Geo group corporation. This quota is built into the contract between ICE Seattle and Geo and motivates the agency to round up immigrants in the area. The contract fuels the recent anti-immigrant politics in Congress that exposes the real intentions of  Republicans and Democrats who both introduce and pass bills to scapegoat immigrants and exploit family tragedies. Both parties are guilty of criminalizing immigrants further while sustaining the detention and deportation system; one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.

TWAC is bringing attention to the inhumane treatment of transgender detainees at all detention facilities, including the one located in Tacoma.


TACOMA, WA –  September 2, 2014. Watch as Wife of Immigration Prison Hunger Strike Leader Goes on Hunger Strike for Her Husband and All Families Torn Apart by the Immigration Machine

In the spring Ramon Mendoza Pascual was a key leader in the hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. He went without food for more than 50 days, almost all of those days spent in solitary confinement under threat of forced feeding. His leadership and bravery, and that of others, inspired hunger strikes and other actions across the country and led Congressman Adam Smith to introduce legislation to limit abuses in detention centers.

On September 9, after a year of separation from his wife, Veronica Noriega, and their three children, he faces the hearing that will determine whether he will be deported or reunited with his family. His wife Veronica will now stand outside the walls that have separated them for so long to stage her own hunger strike – a strike to reunite her family, and all families torn apart by the deportation machine. She is being supported by the hundreds of people that have responded to the courageous actions of the hunger strikers. Read more

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Seattle Shutdown ICE Action
A dozen undocumented Washington State residents and supporters have locked themselves together just moments ago at the entrance of the Northwest Detention Center as part of the national campaign demanding that the President stop deportations and expand deferred action for all. Read more