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Protest at ICE Building, 1600 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, PA

December 11, 2013 – Philadelphia, PA
A group of undocumented Philadelphians and supporters have just blocked all the exits for deportation vehicles at the downtown Philadelphia ICE office, just as they prepared to transfer immigrant detainees.

The action comes on the Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as community members led a procession to ICE headquarters to speak out against President Obama’s deportation dragnet programs. Under a banner that read “Not One More Deportation,” Philadelphia residents are calling for an end to the collaboration between local police and immigration authorities called “Secure Communities” or “S-SCOMM.” Early in 2014, the Philadelphia City Council will be holding a hearing to review the chilling effect on immigrant communities and the negative impact on public safety caused by Immigration (ICE) Holds, one of the ways in which police and ICE collaborate under S-COMM. Read more