#Not1More Deportation

White House Hunger Strike for #Not1More Deportation

For the entire month of April, immigrants maintained a presence in front of the White House, demanding the reunification of their families and a halt to deportations.  As the administration held endless meetings and attempted to downplay the real impact of deportations on our communities, those directly facing family separation showed the human cost and suffering behind the immigration debate.


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We are calling on individuals and organizations to support us by endorsing this Fast to End Deportations. The Obama Administration is feeling the pressure. Our actions are being heard. We need your support to keep the pressure up. Please share this and ask your networks to endorse our Hungerstrike!



About the Hunger Strike
Families with loved ones in detention or facing immediate deportation are tired of waiting and tired of our voices only being welcome as stories that illustrate someone else’s agenda. From April 5th those whose lives are at the center of the immigration debate will create an indefinite presence on the President’s front lawn asking that he meet with them directly and that their loved ones cases’ be closed. Starting on April 8th members of our communities will have our last meal and start a hunger strike. As long as we keep our suffering to our kitchen tables and half empty beds, they will call for reviews and meetings and ultimately keep their policies the way they are. Our sons’ imprisonment hasn’t been enough to get them to act. We hope our hunger strike will.