#Not1More Deportation

Oscar Danilo Balladares

Oscar Danilo Balladares

Oscar Danilo Balladares: I am a Nicaraguan immigrant. When I was five years old, for one month I crossed several borders with my mother and 3 older brothers, arriving in Miami in late January 1989. Having been raised in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of the United States I learned first hand that justice was reserved for some, not all.

Today, I organize with Florida New Majority (FNM), as a community organizer with FNM I fight to mend a broken and unequal voting system that keeps minorities from civic participation.

“I fast because in my personal life I deal with another broken system, immigration. My family and community are constantly torn apart by draconian and racist immigration policies. Today, I want to be a part of a fight that stands up for human dignity. No mas ilegales, idle no more”.